Parking rules

To park in the association area you must have a valid fishing license, which also applies as parking ticket


  • The fee shall be paid upon arrival and is valid for 24 hours


  • Other guests can park for free on the hill outside the main parking lot. The parking lot is only for cars not for motorhomes or caravans


  • Parking for cars is between turning area and toilet. It is not allowed for cars to park between motorhomes and caravans


  • Parking shall be made in the special marked panes. Respect 4 meter away. See below..


  • It is not permitted to book a place in the car park


  • Use of mobile power station is not allowed


  • Idling of the car or motorhome is prohibited


  • It is not allowed to park for buses and other trailers in the parking lot


  • Trash barrels are located close to the fishing permit machine


  • Emptying the private toilet can be done on the back of the toilet located at the main car park.