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Boat rules

Fishing from a boat or a float tube is okey. To rent a boat it´s necessary to have a valid fishing card.

  • Boat rental per day 180 kr

  • Earliest time to rent a boat is at 05:00 am and shall be returned at 22:00 pm or 1 hour after the sunset if it’s earlier than 21:00 pm

  • Boats can be rented where you pay for your fishing license.

  • Maximum 4 people/boat.

  • Fishing from a boat should always show consideration for those who fish from land

  • Boats can’t be reserved in advance. You can’t rent a boat the day before by take away oars.

  • Fishing from the associations’ boats and by your own float tube is allowed under specified times listed above.

  • Fishing from all other boats and floating tubes are forbidden.

  • In the lagoon (Lilla Svartbäcken ) you’re not allowed to use boats or float tubes.

  • Fishing using electronic devices isn’t allowed. (sonar etc.)

  • Trolling using so called depth rigging are not allowed.

  • Use of paravane or similar equipment is not allowed.

  • Personal boat engines are not allowed to use.

Do like this:

  • The card dispenser is a mailbox with envelopes for boat hire.

  • Take an envelope and fill in your name, address, phone number and boat number. The text should be legible.

  • Put the money in the envelope and put it in the same box as fishing permits