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Welcome to lake Nävsjön

If you are going to fish in Nävsjön you need to inform yourself about the rules and conditions.

General rules

  • To fish in Nävsjön you must have a valid fishing license

  • Nävsjöns Sport fishing has fishing guards who have the task to ensure that the rules are complied with. In view of all poaching and there for be reported to the board or police.

  • If you do not comply with fishing rules have you immediately forfeited right to fish. And your fishing license will be seized, and you will also be turned off fishing for at least 3 month. Then it is up to the board to decide if it will be 3 months or longer.

  • In case of gross offenses, it will be at least 1 year's shutdown from fishing.

  • In case of repeated offenses, you will be denied to fish for lifetime.

  • You fish and use the boat on your own responsibility.

  • To park in the society’s area you are required to have a valid fishing license. Other guests have free parking outside the big parking lot at the hill.

  • You can’t mark or book a parking place.

  • You shall at the request of fishing guards be able to show your identity card.

Fishing rules

Boat rules

Cabin rules

Parking rules

Other rules

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