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Cabin rules

Cabin rental is 1700 kr a day (24hours) and 4 people in one cabin are recommended.

The cabin can only be rented for 3 days in a row by the same person.

This includes when you rent a cabin: cabin, boat and one fishing card each to the people in the cabin (up to 4).

When you rent a cabin you need to give your arrival time and phone number. If you can’t come at the time you said you need to inform the person that is responsible for the reservations.

If you need to cancel your booking, you must do it for 5 days before arrival. Otherwise, full payment will be charged

Your cabin will be available from 12:00am and you can start fishing.

The cabin needs to be clean at 11:00am the day you leave.

Fishing for the ones that have a cabin end at 12:00am the day you leave, but the boat needs to be in at 11:00am just as it was then you got it the same day you leave.

If you don’t clean the cabin or the boat you will have to pay 500kr extra (minimum)

The rules are for everyone that’s fishing in Nävsjön.

’’All that you can carry out to the woods, you can carry back home as well, so bring all the rubbish back home!’’