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Fishing rules

Your fishing license need to be filled with the adult’s full names and registration number of the vehicle you travel with and the date and the time of to be valid.

Your fishing license includes:

  • 24 hours, one fishing rod with 1 hook/fishing gear and max 3 salmonid fishes.

  • Children under 18 years of age fish for free on an adult's fishing licenses and catch quota.

Catch Limit:

  • 1 Fishing licenses/day which corresponds max 3 fishes.

  • If you first buy a family card license, then it’s not allowed to purchase individual cards to increase the catch quota.

  • If a member of the family only buys an individual card then it’s not allowed for any other member of the family to then buy family card.

  • The fishing-license is personal and shall not be shared with others.

  • It is not allowed to have several fishing licenses to be able to fish with several fishing rods.

  • Adults may not fish with several fishing rods with justification to have children there.

  • All fishermen shall at all times be close to his/hers fishing rods when


  • Damaged salomonid fish shall be killed and be included in catch quota.

  • Fishing with live or dead baiting fish is not permitted.

Fishing Card price

  • One private fishing card 200 kr

  • A family fishing card 220 kr it means that 2 adults (on the same address) and one kid less than 18 years of age.
  • Anyone fishing with a family card must be able to handle their own fishing rod, regardless of age, for it to be valid.

  • School class, 500kr with a Teacher that leads them (one salmonid fish to each participant).

At the big parking lot near the lake there is an automatic machine there you can buy your fishing card.